This campaign is going to feature some things not yet (and probably not ever) available in 4E- an overlapping deity system. You can choose a deity from Greece, Japan, China, Egypt or Mexico (these deities will be provided in the future) and you must worship this deity (or a deity group if appropriate). You will be from the region that the deity belongs to, and will receive an encounter power, weapon feat, etc, that relates to that deity.

For example, you are a paladin that worships Isis. You will have to be Good, Egyptian, and could use a kopesh as a free 1st level feat. You could take Isis’ Love for your Channel Divinity (you receive 5 temp hit points + Charisma mod).

Main Cities: Athens Kyoto Shanghai Thebes Tenochtitlan Centroville (Center of overlapping domains, deity-neutral zone)

Each region/domain has its own rules, geography, features, and flora and fauna. Your party has all responded to the Centroville newspaper want ad for brave, attractive, interesting people from all over the world. Bob wants you!